Sunday, June 14, 2009

Warm Wishes

BrInG Up YouR 6tH SeNse wiTh CocoaSeNse

The love and passions about baking has made us produce this blog long after we’ve started involving in this business. We are eagerly to reach more cakes, desserts or all sorts of sweet lovers out there.

We are focusing on a few categories of sweets such cakes, tortes, muffins, pies, squares, cookies and praline. Maybe the category sounds unfamiliar to most of you out there, but the unfamiliar ness able to make you question and willing to know how it looks like, how delicious it would taste and how those products can be comply with your occasions.

Believe us…every products made by CocoaSense can be easily arranged in any occasions you may plan or like, even it’s a Birthday Party, Housewarming Events, Anniversaries, Congratulations Gift, Baby Shower, Wedding Gifts, Hamper Selection, Valentine’s Gift (well, not really like to use the terms ‘Valentine’…… we would use Love Gifts) and any special seasonal occasions such Buka Puasa Treats, Hari Raya, Christmas, Gong Xi Fa Cai and Deepavali.

We are very particular in preparing every product from the ingredients to how it’s made or bake. This is to ensure the quality and maintain the deliciousness. Quality chocolate (learn more about what kind of chocolate we’re using) and 100% pure butter is chosen to make sure that every cakes or muffins or cookies can deliver great chocolaty and buttery taste that you will never forget.

You will never only find products of CocoaSense in this blog. We would like to make this blog as friendly as it can be to serve you and feed you with lots of information related to the products. Find your required topics in our category links and don’t forget to linger around the great, tasty and eye-catching photos of
CocoaSense products.

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