Sunday, June 14, 2009

Terms & Conditions

1. All items here are 100% homemade, 100% pure butter and selected ingredients. Couvetures Coco is used in making great, delicious and shiny Ganache.

2. Prices listed are exclusive of the delivery charges (unless informed otherwise), which you have to bear.

3. Goods sold are not exchangeable and returnable.

4. CocoaSense works on product availability and period of request from client.

5. Inquiries do not confirm your reservation. Full payment does. No reservation of more than 2 days unless requested & agreed by us.

6. All contents of this blog is under the copyright of CocoaSense. PLEASE do not plagiarise.

7. CocoaSense reserves the right to cancel any reservation in cases of ‘hocus pocus’ buyers. These buyers will automatically be blacklisted.

8. Feel free to drop us any message if you have any doubt. ONLY sms and/or email plzz.

9. All quoted prices are fixed unless informed otherwise in the event of sales and requirements.

10. And last but not least, ENJOY your sweetie indulgence.

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