Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CocoaSense Cake Collections

Cakes are very synonym in any listed occasions. The existence on the decorated-colorful table tops just enough making people swing their head and pointing their eyes to the yummy-ness.

CocoaSense has many to offer in cakes category. The ingredient in every cake recipe is well assured and pure. Only pure butter and high quality of chocolate are permitted into the recipe. Be proud to be Malaysian as we’re using chocolate that produced by Malaysia and the quality is awarded.

You may fit the cake selection in CocoaSense with your occasions or events or just to fill in your menu in your lovely-sweet day with your family or love ones. CocoaSense just suitable for everybody. . . . Especially to chocolate luvers.

Burnt Caramel Cheesecake

Crave for cheesecake? This simple yet stunning look of cheesecake could win any heart. Not so cheesy, not so sweet…fair enough to enjoy the simple taste and bet you’ll love it.

Main Ingredient: Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Roasted hazelnut, Unsalted Pure Butter, Signature Caramel Sauce.

Item ID: CC100; Size: 8"; Weight: 1.5kg+-;
PRICE: RM 48.00

Chocolate Cheesecakes

Another version of cheesecake. Only this cheesecake is cocoa in color. Bitter?..Hmm..not really….very sweet?..Hmmm….not that sweet…the bitter-sweet creamy taste are just nice and to tell ya…your sense will never stop sensing the greatest taste of it, until you finish up the whole cake…

Main Ingredient: High Quality Chocolate Bar, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Unsalted Pure Butter, Imported Cocoa Powder.

Item ID: CC101; Size: 8"; Weight: 1.5kg+-;
PRICE: RM 48.00

Classic Blueberry Cheesecakes

Sometimes classic is the best. The originality in taste are not touched or improvised. The classic taste of cheese is accompanied with the thin chocolate icing on top. Perfect for your day. Try Now.

Main Ingredient: Blueberry, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Unsalted Pure Butter, Silky Ganache.

Item ID: CC102; Size: 8"; Weight: 1.5kg+-; PRICE: RM 48.00


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